Computer Graphics Research Resources

2D Graphics
1. Cairo - 2D graphics library, used by GTK+.
2. Skia - Complete 2D graphic library for drawing Text, Geometries, and Images, used by Chrome and Android.
3. Anti-Grain Geometry - A High Quality Rendering Engine for C++, used by Haiku OS.
4. Fog - High performance 2d vector graphics library.

3D Graphics
1. Vega FEM Library – 3D deformable object simulation

Volume Rendering
1. Voreen - Open source volume rendering engine

Computer Graphics Research Software
2. Reproducible Research in Computational Science

Research Lab
1. CMU Graphics Lab
2. GRAIL - Washington University Graphics and Imaging Laboratory
3. Cornell University Graphics Lab
4. Brown University Graphics Lab

1. Marc Levoy (Stanford University)
2. Pat Hanrahan (Stanford University)
3. Alexei Efros (Carnegie Mellon University)
4. James Hays (Computer Science Department, Brown University)
5. Noah Snavely (Department of Computer Science, Cornell University)



Some notes about building Caffe RC3 with Mac OS X 10.11.3, Anaconda, CUDA 7.5, cuDNN 4, Intel MKL and MATLAB R2015b

Mac OS X 10.10安装深度学习框架Caffe教程